485 visas granted under the Graduate Work Stream are valid for 18 months from the date of grant.
Post Study Work Stream visas are valid between 2 and 4 years from the date of grant, depending on the type of qualification completed:
  • 2 years: Bachelor Degree or Masters by Coursework
  • 3 years: Masters by Research
  • 4 years: Doctorate (PhD)
Yes, if you apply under Graduate Work stream. If you do not have positive Skills Assessment yet, it is enough to provide evidence that you have applied for Skills Assessment prior visa lodgement. To be granted your visa, the skills assessment must be finalised and positive.
For Post Study Work stream you do not need Skills Assessment.
For Graduate Work stream you must nominate an occupation on SOL list that is related to your recent studies and be able to receive a positive Skills Assessment for this occupation. It is enough to have a diploma level study, as long as you can meet the Skills Assessment criteria.
For Post Study Stream Skills Assessment is not necessary, but the studies completed must be at Bachelor level or higher.
You must complete 2 academic years of study. This is defined as being a course which is registered on CRICOS as taking at least 92 weeks.
You may or may not, it depends on the length of course and exemptions received. The actual study still needs to be at least 92 weeks.
You need to have IELTS test results of 6 (minimum 5 each band). Some other language tests are accepted as well. Not applicable for students with passports from UK, Ireland, US and Canada.
No, the visa must be lodged within 6 months of completion of studies.
No, you must be in Australia to lodge 485 visa application. You can return to Australia on another prerequisite visa and apply once in the country (as long as you meet all requirements).


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