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Why our agency

What makes us different? Unlike education agencies, at Visafy our goal is not to "sell you the school", but find the best visa to match your circumstances. If this happens to be student visa, we help you with the choice of study and entire administrative process from enrolment to lodging your student visa. If there are other visa options for you, we discuss these with you and can provide full service by Registered Migration Agent to apply for that visa.


student resumeMost international students in Australia work. However, looking for work in a foreign country can be a bit daunting task. A proper resume can definitely help you along. If you are a professional looking for a job in your field, obviously you can follow the universal guidelines for resume writing (good starting point for Australian style CV might be seek.com.au).
Since most students in Australia work in temporary or casual type of jobs, often not relevant to their qualifications, the following advice is for them.
At Visafy we see many resumes of students, some of them excellent, most not. Here is a compilation of most mistakes students in Australia make, so you know what to avoid:
1. Spelling and grammar mistakes. Obvious, but still happens so often. If you can’t ask any native speaker friend to go over your text, at least use a spellcheck and re-read your resume carefully!
2. Not customised for job applied for. Many European students are essentially overqualified or not qualified for the jobs they apply for in Australia. When looking for rather casual job in Australia (lets say in a café or shop) but you were Manager for EU procurement strategies back home, you have to play down the role, omit some titles and stress the experiences relevant to applied role (for example communication, being part of team, problem solving etc.). An employer with college education will rather not take on casual staff who has PhD. You can instead present it as “fun long study years”, casual jobs and projects.
3. Too long. 2 pages is probably maximum length of CV you should aim for, but even 1 is often adequate. Make sure you stress important and omit irrelevant, make it clearly readable by using keywords and clear sections (Education, Work Experience etc.).
4. Unnecessary detail. When describing many jobs, the description or job is often unnecessary and just takes up space. Concentrate on the highlights and where you made an impact. If you had a summer job working in a cafe, the duties in themselves are easily predictable and don't need to be on your CV. What's of more interest is how many people you served per shift, whether you took payments, handled deliveries, supervised or trained any staff and so on.
5. Continuous text. Nobody wants to read boring description of responsibilities for 2 paragraphs. Use bullet points and short action-result type achievements.
6. Undervaluing other experience. While back home you might not include info on volunteering with kids during school holidays, picking raspberries in your grandma’s yard or selling cakes in a corner shop, these are exactly the things you might need to bring out in Australia. While it’s no longer customary to mention your hobbies, if they have any relevance to the job applied for, do include them (for example if you are keen cyclist and want to work in a cafe that's near biketrack etc.).
7. Stating visa status. Do not add information on your visa: if you apply for a job in Australia, you should have a visa with working rights anyway. If you have restriction of hours (students 40 hours a fortnight), you better not stress it in resume (although presumably the work you will be looking for is part time or flexible hours), rather go for an interview first and if everything else suits, the employer might be more likely to accommodate your visa restrictions.
8. Adding photo? While adding picture on your resume is not really considered professional, it might actually help along if looking for a job in customer service where looks "still" matter.
9. Not putting effort into design. Making sure that your resume is nice looking and clear, using pleasant and easy to read fonts and everything is aligned properly. Some understated colour for headings or nice line is good idea too. There are many templates readily available online, make use of them!

Best of luck from Visafy!

Why study in Australia

Yes, why?

The reasons can be many and during our first consultation we will ask what is important for you.
Is your focus more on STUDY or is it on AUSTRALIA? Or perhaps a bit of both? There are great options for everyone and we will help to make your choice easier.


Student visa

To study in Australia for longer than 3 months, all international students must have a student visa. Read on to find out more about the requirements for student visa.




Popular courses

Make it as easy or hard as you like. From ping to programming, the IT field has something for everyone


Great general field of study, the skills and knowledge of which can be applied to all situations and professions.


If numbers are your thing, accounting makes sense. There are good of job prospects and visa pathways for savy accountants.


There is so much more to hospitality than waiting tables and cleaning rooms. Take advantage of the training and internship opportunities this industry offers.


The marketing is everywhere = another great option for a general study with wide possibilities.


Improve your language skills or prepare for a specific test (IELTS, Cambridge etc). Many students also combine a short language course with their other study plans.



Want to know more?

If you want to know more about study options in Australia we can offer you professional advice not only about courses but also study pathway to obtain qualification and meeting visa requirements.




I had great experience with this agency, totally recommend their service. All paperwork was done for me. Jarek was really friendly and ALWAYS found time for me. Everything was so fast and professional and all my questions were answered right away. If I ever again need to deal with any visas, I will contact him for sure. Really great job!

                   Kate (Belgium)




Mul oli wh viisa lõpuni 15 päeva jäänud kui Jarekuga ühendust võtsin. Enne kui mu wh viisa läbi sai sain juba student viisa kätte. Väga kiire ja asjatundlik teenus...soovitan soojalt !!! :)

                   Kenert (Estonia)




If you like Australia, but are not sure what to study, contact Jarek and Magda. They gave me many ideas and study options and dealt with all the paperwork. I chose a massage course and really like it. The visa application went smoothly as well.

                   Helen (Estonia)