At University level study options in Australia are wide - from science to management and commerce, humanities to engineering, and law to health sciences. Australian institutions rank among the world's best, particularly in engineering and technology, medicine, environmental science, and accounting and finance.
There are 43 universities in Australia, list of which can be found here. Along with universities, many other institutions offer higher education courses.

While tuition fees at Australian universities are considerable, there are many benefits of enrolling in a degree course:

  • High level of education from reputable institution
  • Upon completion of at least 2 years study in Australia there is an option to apply for Temporary Graduate visa
  • At master or doctorate level, the partners of international students do not have any work limitation, hence they can freely pursue their own careers

To enrol, each university has its own admission procedure which is explained on their website.

There are various private colleges that also offer higher education programmes at more competitive rates. While the study subjects are more limited (business, accounting, marketing and hospitality being most popular), it is a great way to combine your previous studies (either in Australia or overseas), obtain a new qualification and also take advantage of Temporary Graduate visa option upon completion. Many our clients choose to pursue MBA (Masters of Business Administration) as an additional qualification. There are often partial scholarships (up to 20%) available for students enrolling through our agency.

Contact us to find out more about degree-level study, scholarships and special offers at private colleges.



Want to know more?

If you want to know more about study options in Australia we can offer you professional advice not only about courses but also study pathway to obtain qualification and meeting visa requirements.




I had great experience with this agency, totally recommend their service. All paperwork was done for me. Jarek was really friendly and ALWAYS found time for me. Everything was so fast and professional and all my questions were answered right away. If I ever again need to deal with any visas, I will contact him for sure. Really great job!

                   Kate (Belgium)




Mul oli wh viisa lõpuni 15 päeva jäänud kui Jarekuga ühendust võtsin. Enne kui mu wh viisa läbi sai sain juba student viisa kätte. Väga kiire ja asjatundlik teenus...soovitan soojalt !!! :)

                   Kenert (Estonia)




If you like Australia, but are not sure what to study, contact Jarek and Magda. They gave me many ideas and study options and dealt with all the paperwork. I chose a massage course and really like it. The visa application went smoothly as well.

                   Helen (Estonia)